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The Via delle Bocchette, perhaps the most famous high altitude via ferrata in the Dolomites, is ideal for those who love adventure and want to know the true essence of the Brenta Dolomites. One of the most complete and articulated systems of via ferrata in the Alps, equipped paths that cross the Brenta Dolomites on natural ledges at an altitude above 7800 ft. , connecting the high alpinist huts and also allowing non-climbers to experience the mountains in safe way admiring surreal landscapes.

The via ferrata are equipped trails that cross the Brenta Dolomites on natural ledges at an altitude of over 7800 ft., connecting the high altitude refuges and also allowing non-climbers to experience the mountains safely while admiring surreal landscapes.  Developed in the '70s, those via ferrata are a unique way to see the world, there are more challenging as well as easier one.

Madonna di Campiglio is located in a unique area, surrounded on one side by granite rock and on the other by the dolomia limestone rock,  offering a perfect combination of environments and morphology. This terrain offers a  variety of hike with spectacular views.

From here mountain enthusiasts hike different paths that lead to the mountain huts and to the base of the large Dolomite walls and the Adamello Presanella glaciers, where international climbers and personalities such as Bruno Detassis and Cesare Maestri have made history.

For a unique experience, try the ascent on one of those natural skyscraper, such as Cima Tosa 10335 ft. or the famous Campanil Basso with its bell on the top.

We would be happy to advise you given our passion and where necessary find the best alpine guides.

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