Via Spinale 37b - 38086 - Madonna di Campiglio (TN) Dolomiti
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Экскурсии, походы и походы

Madonna di Campiglio offers a range of trekking and hiking in unique and different environment, with a choice of short and easy routes not only for the less energetic, for families and intermediate, but also the most challenging for experts and mountain lovers.

A simple walk following the footsteps of Princess Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph, which the “tour of Campiglio” and “the square of the Princess” that overlook the village, or the beautiful landscapes within the Adamello Brenta Nature Park to admire the waterfalls Vallesinella and Nardis those in Val Genova. You could trek touching the limestone wall of the Brenta Dolomites, until you cross them along the famous Via Ferrata of Bocchette.

In front of the Dolomites instead stands the glacial lakes, with the Adamello glacier to act as a master (the largest in the Italian Alps) where they fought the First World War and the granite peaks of the Presanella group (3558 meters over the sea). The entire staff, the owner love climbing and hiking and the Alpine Guide will be at your disposal to present you this amazing paradise.

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