Via Spinale 37b - 38086 - Madonna di Campiglio (TN) Dolomiti
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Breakfast room

One of the most important moment of the day, energy to get ready for a day of skiing or a trekking in the fabulous Dolomites,or just to relax reading a newspaper.

A generous buffet breakfast, where you could taste a variety of organic and local food. Most of our product infects comes from local farm and small supplier, all based in the near Valle Rendena. At your disposal also a glutein free zone.

You will find different kind of breads, white, with seems or multi cereal , honey home made by a small producer, different fresh yogurts and cheese, classic ham, in alternative days sausage from wild's animal of our forest or different quality of trots, eggs daily cooked, cornflakes and dry fruit. Fresh fruits daily. Beside you could choose more from a small Menù with your personal requests.

Natural tub water, sparkling and natural bottle water, a variety of organic juices, champagne, coffee and cappuccino espresso and different typology of the and infusion from high quality supplier will fulfill your breakfast.

"It’s the possibility to realize a dream that makes life interesting"

- P. Cohelo -

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