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Брента Доломити

Since 2009, it has been unanimously declared by the World Council of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its uniqueness, picturesque beauty and geomorphological characteristics.

Between spruce and larch forests, green valleys and snowy peaks of the Brenta Dolomites always offer wonderful scenarios to visit. Declared a World Heritage Site in June 2009, the Brenta Dolomites are one of nine dolomite systems located in the westernmost part of the province of Trento, they differ from other dolomite regions in their majestic and impressive forms, dolomite skyscrapers modeled by erosion in the most exciting forms possible. The sequence of spiers, towers and huge overhanging walls of dolomite and limestone rocks, in which the geological history of the earth originated from the sea millions of years ago, is stratified. Among the most important and sought-after peaks are Chima Tosa (3170 m.), The highest of the group and Campanil Basso (2883 m.) And its characteristic bell on top,

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