Via Spinale 37b - 38086 - Madonna di Campiglio (TN) Dolomiti
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Madonna di Campiglio is situated in the unique area, on the one hand granitic rock and on the other hand the dolomite, limestone.

This allows climbers to find a variety of rock and confront themselves with the major multi pitch on the walls of the Dolomites opened by famous people and unique characters like Bruno Detassis, Cesare Maestri and Ermanno Salvaterra, but also mixed climbing routes on the high glacier peaks of the Adamello and on the grants ridges of Presanella Group.

Anyone with a Guide will possibly climb the famous CampanilBasso or Castelletto Inferiore, with routes from every level. There are also several sport climbing zone, all equipped with bolted single pitch routes for all levels. Even the boulders are present, unique and beautiful in their designs. We would be happy to advise you view our passion and where necessary find the best mountain guides.

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